What We Do - We Do Well!!
Meruelo Construction provides administrative support and strategic leadership/counsel to our companies targeted to help them profit through a commitment to sound business practices, exceptional workmanship, and extraordinary service.

The Meruelo Construction companies are premier providers of construction, engineering, project management, construction management and maintenance services to the electrical, telecommunications, gas, water and petroleum industries throughout the Western United States.

Our History - A Solid Foundation, Targeted to Success
The roots of our portfolio companies date back to the 1930s. The founders of Meruelo Construction recognized an opportunity to enter the burgeoning utility construction industry through the acquisition of Herman Weissker, Inc. in 1999.

Recognizing the synergy and advantages of consolidating key players in the industry under a common business vision, Meruelo Construction acquired Doty Bros. Equipment Co. in 2000, followed by the acquisition of Tidwell Excavating in 2001.

In May 2007, Meruelo Construction realized a synergistic opportunity to expand into the electrical construction industry through the acquisition of Neal Electric Corp., based in San Diego, California.

Meruelo Construction remains focused on expanding its presence in the construction industry through continued growth of its existing companies as well as through strategic alliances and acquisitions of businesses that share Meruelo Construction’s vision and commitment to being an innovative and respected provider of premier services in the construction industry.

Our Experience - Deep and Broad
Apart from the years of experience found in each of its companies, Meruelo Construction benefits from the diverse expertise of its management team, the Meruelo Group. The team features tested executive experience in a wide array of industries in addition to construction -- including technology, public accounting, food service, consumer products, and media. This broad experience results in optimal decision making and sound leadership.

All Meruelo Construction companies are certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) oganizations.
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